Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Say goodbye to drilling and welcome a seamless, tailored solution that transforms your UPVC windows into a canvas of style and functionality. The Perfect Fit system offers a revolutionary approach by attaching to each individual section of your windows without the need for drilling. This technology ensures a snug fit that is not only visually pleasing but also remarkably practical. Ideal for conservatories, patio doors, and bi-fold doors, these blinds move gracefully alongside your windows, creating a synchronised dance of elegance as you open and close them.

Discover a world of possibilities with our range of options. Choose from 25mm aluminium venetians for a touch of classic sophistication or embrace the soft allure of pleated or soft cell blinds. With a wide array of colours, textures, and block-out options, your Perfect Fit blinds become a true reflection of your personal taste and the ambiance you wish to create.

Elevate your living spaces with the perfect harmony of style and function. Our Perfect Fit blinds are not only visually captivating but also designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Transform your UPVC windows into a canvas of artistry and practicality, and experience the essence of innovation that defines Perfect Fit by Ricky. Welcome to a new era of window treatments that's as dynamic as it is stylish.

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